24option Broker – Advantages


24option is a licensed and registered broker in South Africa. It has a very good name in the industry. Many traders rely on this broker for their trading activities as it offers an excellent platform for trade. Its services are spread in many other countries worldwide. 24option broker has also received recognition and awards for their excellent services and features. It is successful in providing good returns to their brokers. With different trading options and assets this broker has become the best and most recommended choice for the traders in South Africa.


Benefits of choosing 24option as the trader broker

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  • Licensed: 24options is a regulated and licensed broker for binary option in South Africa. It’s headquarters is located at Limassol, Cyprus. This broker has a license from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. They are registered with different bodies like the German BaFin, Italian CONSOB, England’s FCA and The AMF inn Finance


  • Member of ICF: 24option broker is a member of ICE i.e. Investors compensation fund. This can ensure the trader a guaranteed protection of maximum 20,000Euro in case the company is declared insolvent.


  • Advanced platform for trading: 24option broker provides an advanced platform for trading in binary options. The traders can trade in different binary options with the help of these platforms.



  • Cash prizes: The traders can participate in cash prizes competitions every month. The grand prizes are normally $24,000 which may go high upto $1, 00,000. Traders meeting requirements of minimum trade size and deposit are entered automatically into the contest.


  • Official partner: Juventus Football club is the official partner of 24option broker. They are partner in sponsor for this football club.



  • Bonus: 24options brokers provides 100% bonus to its traders. Although there are certain criteria’s that needs to be fulfilled by the trader to receive a bonus. These criteria may include meeting minimum requirement for trading etc. Many traders opt for these bonuses to meet their profit objective in lesser time.


  • Free signals: 24option broker offers free binary options signals to their traders to help them to take trading decisions and earn profits. These signals are very accurate and reliable. They are generated from a trustworthy source and through proper analysis and professional guidance.
  • Forex pairs: 24options provides more Forex pairs as compared to other brokers. This broker offers around 20 currency options for trading.


  • Trading opportunity: Their mobile application can be accessed through mobile device and ensures that the trader does not miss any trading opportunity.


  • Real time data: This broker provides and environment for live trading, It showcases all the data on real time basis. The information and data provided by this broker is secure, accurate and updated.




Deposit information with 24option broker

Minimum deposit amount required is $250

Accepted Credits cards include Master card, Visa, Diners club. JCB, CartSi, Maestro International, Discover, Laser

Method for Deposit include Electronic payment Credit card, Wire transfer

Wire transfer minimum requirement $1000USD

Electrnic payments include: Liberty reserve, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers



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Porter Finance: a broker on the mission to reach the top

Porter Finance: a broker on the mission to reach the top

The market of binary options is filled with broker houses and companies that provide this type of trading and all of them are aspiring to be the leaders in the market and tho have the biggest numbers of registered accounts and profits. This is a perfectly natural impulse, since in the end, humans have always tried to be the best at what they did and this in-born reaction is nothing new. Competition is tough and every client is important in that battle for traders who are supposed to invest through websites of the companies in question and by doing that bring – them certain percentage and income.

            One of the brokers which has appeared on the market fairly recently but which has made a significant impact on the relations and positions in the area of trading with binary options is Porter Finance – a broker owned by London-based corporation called Running Forest Partners LTD and the one which is certainly targeting that number one spot in the market. Several factors have contributed to the enormous growth of this company and this Porter Finance review will try to shine some light on them, and hopefully discover the secret behind the amazing success of this broker house. Porter-Finance-Official-Logo

            Porter Finance was founded in 2014 and in this very short period it has managed to become on the best brokers on the market and to build a name for itself. Clients all over the world already recognize and respect this enterprise, and they are the ones who do most of the marketing – they give oral recommendations and write positive reviews and by doing this enable the good word about the broker to spread even further. Of course, Porter Finance repays them by providing high quality of services in a reliable and safe trading environment, which is enough for most of them to be relaxed and to trade in a successful manner.

Porter Finance Review

            One of the most important elements in the huge growth of this company is the fact that it is accepting traders from United States and they present a gold mine for this type of broker houses. American territory is extremely wealthy and filled with potential traders, but due to some problems with laws and regulations most big-time brokers are impeded from offering their services to citizens of United States. However, Porter Finance is still not regulated by any of those major regulatory agencies, and therefore it is free to accept traders from this region, as well as from the rest of the world. People have recognized this opportunity and they sign up with this broker from all across the globe, and trading in binary options is available and simple for all of them.

            Any Porter Finance review will certainly point out how reliable and safe this company is, and how pleasant trading experience it provides, but perhaps it is best to leave this to the potential traders themselves, since they are the ones who should try out all of the features and services of this broker and then they could see why exactly is Porter Finance on the mission to become the best broker house in the world.

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What risk management is and what it includes

What risk management is and what it includes

Trading binary options is indeed a very simple and widely available trading platform, which makes it very popular with all sorts of traders – those who have a rich previous experience on other trading platforms, those who have never traded but who are educated in business, finance or economy, or those whose first attempt in trading is exactly the one in trading binary options. No matter the simplicity of the concept itself, trading binary options requires a lot of steps to be taken in order to be successful.


First of all, you must prepare by choosing the best broker you can find and making sure that it is reliable. You must educate yourself on the basics of trading and much more, learn how to monitor the market and predict the outcomes based on its changes. You need to be disciplined, fight the temptations and not let your emotions make the decisions. When it all counts, it is a complicated process. One of the techniques you also have to learn and implement is a risk management strategy. You are likely to encounter losses even if you become the top binary trader, and you need to know how to deal with them. Using binary signals and binary option robot may seem like a good strategy, but even the best binary options robots cannot end each trade in the money.

Risk management means that you will develop a system which will minimize your risk of losing money in trades and minimize the loss when it occurs. You can do so by implying a set of strategies for more successful trading, such as hedging strategy, which is probably the most popular among the traders, especially the beginners. It involves both calling and putting the same option on different prices and different expiration times, so that if one trade ends out of money, the other trade’s earnings will cover the loss.  1812429_origAlso, you can use the signals which tell you about the level of risk for trading every asset and choose to trade the ones with lower risk. Another rule of risk management strategy is that you never invest in one trade more than 5% of the overall funds currently on your account, no matter the amount of risk for trading the particular option. An even simpler rule is not to invest more than you can afford to lose, bot financially and emotionally.

Whichever rules you decide to set up and follow, it is important that you remain consistent. Also, monitor your progress and the success of your strategies, in order to know whether they need to be changed or modified. Risk management is important in order to keep on the safe side as much as possible, to minimize the number of losses and their amounts, and to keep your account in a plus and on the rise, instead of clearing it out. Therefore, make sure to develop a good risk management plan, as well as the trading and time management plan, i order to be a successful binary broker.

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Economic factors

Economic factors

Economy of a country, as well as political situation have major influence on the strength of country’s currency. And in some portion it influences neighboring countries too ( if the case of political disturbance lies in civil war, rebellion or something similar which has effect on the stability of the country ). There are few factors that influence currency, and i will be happy to share them all with you.

Employment influence on currency can be explained in few words, and everyone will understand it. Big unemployment  means that economy is weak and it causes currency to weaken. Low unemployment reflects the strength of economy to fight that fight thus encouraging people to trade with their currency making it stronger.

Interest rate is one of the major factors in deciding strenght of the currency, and every half-smart trader knows that. He also knows that FOMC of every country meets eight times per year to decide whether change of interest rate is necessary for next period of time.

Inflation is plague every country has to fight, but it’s also a good inducator of the economy of the country as well as currency. High inflation means that country can’t fight it, which reflects on its currency, which loses strength. And if inflation is small, that means country has means to keep it low, which reflects its strength, and trader see it as a good sign and trade their currency, which makes it stronger in comparison.

Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) is the best indicator of the power and strength of the country. And it reflects itself on currency. High GDP equals strong currency and vice versa. Foreign investors love countries that are stable and have good GDP, and they are willing to invest in such countries and that leads to stronger currency.

Retail Sales are similar to GDP because they, in their own way reflect strength of the economy. More people buy equals more poeple with jobs and better salary and you see where it leads.

Durable goods are goods that last over 3 years. More of those country uses and has in reserve, meaning that they didn’t have to sell them. Once again this shows how well the economy of the country is, which reflects further on the currency.

Trade and capital, in this case , between countries is also a good indicator on how well a country is doing. High import means that country doesn’t have strong economy to manufacture good for its citizens to use. High export shows that country manufactures more than its citizens need which shows the power of its economy. All of this reflects on currency power also.

Macroeconomic events and geopolitical events are influential on currency in many ways, and everyone who even thinks he knows about forex trading know this, and due to that I will avoid wasting words on that.

All of these events can be followed over different news broadcasters and sites. Some of the so called binary option strategies offer these news as well as binary options trading without any involvement from the trader. I believe that you are smart enough to realise how fake those offers are.

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Task types on Swagbucks

Task types on Swagbucks

Whenever someone mentions Swagbucks, the majority of people think about surveys which is normal reaction. But in reality Swagbucks is more than just surveys, it is much more. But I will skip that, and talk about ways you can earn money on this site.

Well, there are three major and two minor ways to get points which can be spent online or turned into cash, and I would like to sift through them with all of you reading this.

First way in which you can earn money with this site is through so called normal dailies. Play are NOSO examples in this type of dailies. By completing everything in this class of dailies you can earn up to 400 points per month.

Then you have large list of tasks which include watching videos and installing apps. Apps go through your mobile device and you can earn around 90, in worst case, points through 6 apps, per day.

Watching videos can be done in background, while you do something else. Videos, on Swagbucks, can be watched through 6 so called tv links. Each of them gives rewards per certain number of videos watched, and they all have passive reward whenever you complete all videos available for that day.

Then you got passive rewards, which come through winning streaks and passive earning calculations. All of these rewards require partial or full completion of daily goals, which can be, and should be, turned on when you register on Swagbucks.

Daily goal should be achieved every day, to increase winning streak awards, and it can be fulfilled with only apps. Only Winning streak passive award is achieved through daily tasks, other passive awards are achieved through completion of goal levels of every daily goal. There are two types of passive rewards I will mention, rewards for goal one and total goal rewards.

Goal one passive rewards can be acquired if you reach this stage of daily goal for a number of simultaneous days, and reaching this stage will give you reward for every time you do it.

Total goal, is full completion of a goal, and it is only required if you want passive rewards for total goal calculation. These rewards are two times bigger than goal one passive reward, and if you have free time, try to do as many of them as possible.

First minor type of point earning on Swagbucks is through swagbucks search bar. Here, you will get points by using it instead of other search engines. This doesn’t work every time, every few searches will provide points. This search engine is similar to Bing, and it can be frustrating when it gives you unrelated answers to your search.

Occasional rewards come in many ways, some come in form of codes posted on social network page of Swagbucks, some will arrive to you via mail and so on. There are few other one time awards you can catch on their frontpage, but they give little points, and you should not wait for them, but don’t let them pass if you end up stumbling across one of them.

There are no big bucks here, but it is still better than being a victim of TropicalTrade scam site, or other similar things.

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Dishonest brokers, and how to notice them

Dishonest brokers, and how to notice them

Forex market is fair and everyone work to earn their portion of cake without meddling into other people’s business. Well if you thought that then please wake up from that dream. Even brokerage industry of forex has brokers that are not entirelly focused on their part of work, but they use different tactics to cheat traders into giving their money away. There are few most common ways they do it, and I will write about them in order to make it easier for you to recognize and avoid them.

Churning is first tactic with which broker cheats traders. If a broker has authority over your account ( in most cases this might be good choice, to let part of your trading to experienced people ) they can use it to do unethical business. In order to earn more in commisions they will place large number of trades in your name, but they wil not aim to benefit you. In fact, they don’t care whether those trades will result in win or loss, they win either way.  If this makes you hesitant to join forex market, then think about having multiple accounts. One on which you will have all authority to trade, and another wrap acount. This wrap account will be managed by broker, but he will not earn money from commisions, but will have a flat fee which will make churning useless for him ,and it will hurt his business.

Another form of scamming practice in order to gain more commisions is so called selling dividends. In this case broker will urge the trader to buy certain stocks or mutual funds  in order to earn more, re-selling them later when their price jumps. But in most cases price will stay the same or even devolve making profit impossible, and even a loss of money is possible. Some brokers do this becasue they get commision money out of those trades.

Sales charges are a type of commision a lot of brokerages use. This is not illegal, but how they react to traders who aim at breakpoint profit is illegal. Just for example let us assume that 25 000 dollars worth of investment or more has only 4 percent of charge, while anything under that number has a charge of 5 percent. Brokers will in this case advise you to invest up to that number, but never more than that to earn that 1 percent in charges. If you continue with investment that is higher than breakpoint to save some money from charges, then some traders will split your investment in few different investment companies, which basically does the same thing. This way you lose that 1 percent in breakpoint profit and they enefit from more commission fees.

At the end, best advice I can give you is to be careful when picking broker. Go with brokers that are famous for their respectable work, and avoid smaller shady brokers. Easiest way to recognize a bad broker is to look int owhat they offer. Just read an article with Boss Capital review title and see how good it looks like, and then search the web for them. They simply offer too much, and remember, not everything that glitters is gold.

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